Your preference for an affiliate network comes down to one thing: results. We bend over backward to give our Merchants the outstanding conversion and sales you deserve.

Focused Affiliates

Our extensive team of affiliates expertly mine all demographics, industries, lifestyles and much more. Your product, service, or offer will be embraced by highly capable individual affiliates as well as large networks who can generate solid, consistent traffic to your offers.


New to Affiliate Marketing?

Please read the Merchant Program FAQ to help you to get started

What is Affiliate Machine?

Affiliate Machine ("AM") is a provider of an innovative e-commerce marketing platform for e-commerce merchants and affiliate marketers. AM's robust network is the tool for the merchants to reach more customers and grow their business by working with our diverse network of affiliate marketers.

The industry has four core players:

The Merchant

Also known as 'online retailer' or 'brand'

The Network

Contains retailers / brand offers for the affiliate to choose from and also manages the commission payments

The Publisher

Also known as 'the affiliate'

The Customer

AM provides the network that brings together the retailer and the affiliate to transact the sale with the consumer.

Made to measure the many ways you move
  • Streamline Recruitment

    In the past you had to find your own affiliates. Or you used members from lesser networks where affiliates were low value and lacked professional motivation and skills. Here at Affiliate Machine you can plug directly into our established army of successful affiliate sites and marketers.

  • Robust Affiliate Communication

    Send emails to affiliates that are informative and actionable. Increase the adoption rate of new ads campaigns through proactive communications.

  • Easy Payment Disbursement

    Our technology streamlines affiliate payments. Gone are the cumbersome processes of the past that made pay day time consuming and often confusing. Our system gives you the exact reporting you need to make disbursement a smooth process.

  • Intuitive Dashboard

    Everyone loves an EASY to use dashboard. This makes finding the function or information you want a breeze. Our design team has put a great deal of work into making our Intuitive Dashboard the envy of the industry. You have easier access to powerful features. And it takes only minutes to become an expert at operating and understanding your dashboard.

Rules and Regulations

We do have some basic ground rules for the program, so please read our Merchant Program FAQ before signing up.

  • All participants must have a Merchant url or provide us info on how you will market your products online
  • All participants in the US must enter a US Social Security or Taxpayer ID number. International customers simply enter "International" in this field.
  • All website/merchants are encouraged to apply, but note we do NOT accept coupon sites, pornography or illegal activities

Participants caught violating or attempting to circumvent these rules will have all affiliate credit voided and will not receive payouts. Additionally, they will be banned from further participation in our affiliate program.

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