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Affiliate Machine ("AM") is a provider of an innovative e-commerce marketing platform for e-commerce merchants and affiliate marketers. AM's robust network is the tool for the merchants to reach more customers and grow their business by working with our diverse network of affiliate marketers.Affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing method in which an online retailer rewards affiliates for each visitor or customer brought in by the affiliate's own marketing efforts. The industry has four

  • The Merchant (also known as an "online retailer" or "brand")
  • The Network (contain retailer/brand offer for the affiliate to choose from and also manages the commission payments)
  • The Publisher (also known as an "affiliate") and
  • The Customer. AM provides the network that brings together the retailer and the affiliate to transact the sale with the consumer.

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Our partners program (also called an Affiliate Program) is a partnership between Affiliate Machine and various web site owners (yourself). Affiliates earn a commission on all sales that are generated from the people who come from an Affiliate Machine merchant’s site, who buy the merchants products from their site. As a web site owner (Affiliate) all you need to do is put our banner, text link or Logo on your site with the special tracking code that we provide. This enables us to track visitors, whenever they visit our site, even if they do not come directly from your site, and credit your account for any purchase. The sales are tracked by our Network Partner, Affiliate Machine and you can get daily traffic and sales reports from their reporting system.

It costs you nothing but some time.

Affiliate Machine works with all sites, from small individual web pages to large commercial sites. Anyone may submit an application to become an Affiliate. Of course you will do better, as an affiliate, if your site is Merchant specific. Be aware that applications may be rejected for various reasons, but your site will be definitely rejected if it contains content that could be classified as; pornography, harassing, harmful, obscene, racially objectionable, or unlawful. Also at this time we DO NOT accept coupon sites.

Of course! Where you are does not matter, as the Internet is worldwide.

YES. You can have multiple sites as an Affiliate of Affiliate Machine.

Yes. We do not have any exclusive clause in our contract, so you are not restricted from joining any other affiliate program. We do recommend that you not place links to other similar merchants that you are promoting with affiliate machine’s merchants web sites on the same page as the links to Affiliate Machine’s merchants. It has been proven that if there are more than 4 links on a page to the same type merchants (banner, buttons or logos or text links), on an individual page, the click through rate drops noticeably.

Setting Up Links

First login to your account on Affiliate Machine HERE, then click on Promotions - Campaigns. Here you will see the full list of Merchants and Campaigns we currently offer for you to promote. If you're not already an affiliate of the merchant you wish to promote, click on "Apply Now and Join". You must be accepted as an affiliate of each Merchant you wish to promote.

After you’re approved, return to Promotions --> Banners & Links, scroll and select which campaign or view all and you will see all the links we offer for the merchants for which you have been accepted as an affiliate, click on Get Banner code and copy an paste the code onto your site or Dynamic link (you will need

The best performing types of sites fall into 3 categories:

  1. Sites that provide targeted links and traffic
  2. Sites that focus on discounts and savings
  3. Blog sites that post blog articles about a specific merchant or product and link to that merchant or product

The more targeted a site is towards the link you are displaying, the higher the click through rate will be and the higher the conversion, (CTR).

If you have a web site (or a part of your site) that talks about (Example: Diamond Jewelry) then the best choice of links are those that focus on (Diamond Jewelry).

Yes, in fact, some of our most popular linking methods (called Dynamic links) are the direct links to a product page. In fact it has been shown that linking to the sales page for a product produces higher click to sales ratio than linking to the home page. So if you pre-sell our products than by all means you should link to the order page for that product.


Sign-Up & Login

Simply CLICK HERE and fill out the online application. Make sure you read the Affiliate Machine Affiliate T&C Agreement first.

"Invalid User Name" appears because you have tried to login at the "Affiliate Member Page" and you have not registered as an Affiliate member of Affiliate Machine.

Use your Affiliate Machine Username and Password to login HERE

To retrieve your Username and/or Password. Go to: Affiliate Login Page and click on "Forgot Your Password" and fill out the form. Your Username and Password will then be emailed to you.

You can adjust or make changes to your Billing or Contact Information by going to: My Profile --> Personal Details on your Affiliate Machine admin page.

Tracking & Payment

When you become a Affiliate member of Affiliate Machine, you will be using your Affiliate Machine Username. With your Username and password you will be able to login and access the administration page. Here you will be able to monitor the status of your account including the number of times the Affiliate Machine banners were shown (impressions), the number of total click thru's from your site to the merchant's sites and the number of orders placed (listed under the sales column). Each month, in which you have had a sale during the previous month, you will receive an email report stating how many sales occurred during the previous month and any commissions due. You will also have access to the Affiliate Machine back office so you can see how your commissions were arrived at (Sales-costx25%).

All links from your site to Affiliate Machine contain your site's unique AFILIATE MACHINE Affiliate ID code and your own URL so that every time a user comes to us, they will be assigned a cookie with your affiliate id#, then we know to credit you when a purchase is made. Be advised that with our customized affiliate software we assign a unique code to all visitors from your site. What this means is that even if they do not place an order on their first visit to our site and subsequently return at a later date, we will be able to give you credit for the transaction! The cookies last for 90 days.

Affiliate Machine has a threshold (minimum payment level) of $50, in any month you have accumulated more than $50 in commissions from us, (and all other Affiliate Machine merchants you’re an affiliate of). If you earn less that $50 then it will be saved, carried over to the next month. For your payments you have a choice of how to receive payment, currently we offer; Stripe and PayPal. You never lose the money that isn't paid in a month. If you do not want to receive your commissions once they hit $50, then you can set a higher payout amount if you wish as well.

We do not consider you merely an Affiliate but a partner of ours, so we intend on paying you a commission for life for ever customer you bring us. YES, FOR LIFE! With the use of cookies and tags to your unique url we can track all visitors from your site so after the 90 day cookie expires you will receive a reduced commission of (5%) for life.

Of course. You will receive the same % of commissions on any orders as long as you first visit your site or use your individual affiliate text link so your cookie is planted. Note however that any order you place will not count towards bonuses or monthly contests.

Return days (as called by Affiliate Machine) or cookies, define how long between the first visit to a site and the purchase date that you can be credited with a sale. For example a 0 day setting means the purchase must happen on that visit, a setting of 1 day would mean a purchase within 24 hours of the first visit. We know that not everyone makes a purchase within 24 hours and research shows that it can take up to 2 weeks for a person to decide to buy a product. We offer 90 day cookies.

When someone first visits your site and clicks on the banner/text link to an Affiliate Machine merchants, a cookie is implanted on their computer. What this means is, if they then come back to the merchants site directly, your cookie will still be on their computer and any sales will be credited to your account as long as they fall in the 90 day period. Please note that this will only be effective if the customer does not clear cookies on his computer.

Parasiteware and Scumware are terms used to describe marketing systems that override and STEAL your commission. These are generally operated from browser tool bars (not the Google toolbar) or other third party downloads, many times without full disclosure to the person installing the software, or hidden as part of a software bundle. As a strict policy Affiliate Machine does not work with these marketing companies and we highly recommend you do not promote their software.

The CAN-SPAM Act (Controlling the Assault of Non-Solicited Pornography and Marketing), was passed by President Bush on Dec 16, 2003. It went into effect on Jan 1, 2004.

The act establishes the first national standards for the sending of commercial e-mail, while charging the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) with enforcement. The law promises to crack down on unsolicited commercial e-mail by imposing stiff civil penalties and even prison sentences to people convicted of spamming. You can read the full information HERE.

Affiliate Machine takes spamming very seriously. Our policy is that the use of SPAM by any of our Merchants/ Affiliates to promote sales is grounds for immediate termination, although we are sure that none of our merchants or affiliates would spam the Internet.

At present time we do not offer reciprocal links.

As long as the rebate site does not involve downloaded applications to perform sales and tracking, and is not parasitic in nature, then yes.

Sorry no. History has shown us that it is difficult to keep up with the changes in software and that it is safer for us to have a blanket refusal on plugins than accept any at this time.

When you send a visitor to an Affiliate Machine merchant, a cookie with your affiliate ID is set in place. If that person returns to us later, and places an order, you will earn commission for the sale and for future sales up to 90 days. If a visitor comes to us at a later time from different affiliate's site, the cookie will credit the most recent affiliate link that was used.

We certainly do, we have a dedicated support team for our Partner Program. You can contact the head of this team at any time, his name is Richard and his email is [email protected]

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